Sunday, November 26, 2006

"International Festival of Electronic Art 404" 30.11- 3.12. Rosario, Argentina

The III "International Festival of Electronic Art 404" will be held in Rosario, Argentina, from November 30th to December 03rd, 2006, in the "Plaza Cívica" and "Parque de España" Cultural Centers. Visit the shedule of the 404 Festival at: As a result of the 2006 call, 126 artworks from 27 different countries in the following categories: Net.Art, Still Image, Animation, Video, Music, Audiovisual-Set, Theory, Performance and Installation. Authors from Japan, France, Serbia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Italy, Belgium and Holland, among others will be present at the Festival.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

ArtBots Gent:The Robot Talent Show 2-3 december, 2006

art exhibition for robotic art and art-making robots.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

ArtBots Show 9.-12.11 NY

ArtBots is an international art exhibition for robotic art and art-making robots. For each show, we publish an open call for submissions, inviting artists from around the world to send us information about their work. We have no fixed definition of what qualifies for the show; if you think it's a robot and you think it's art, we encourage you to submit. The final list of participants is a mix of works selected from the open call submissions and additional artists invited by the ArtBots curators.

Every year the show is a bit different; the location changes and ArtBots director Douglas Repetto invites a new set of humans to co-curate the show with him. We hope that by changing the specifics of the show each year we can keep it accessible to a diverse range of people, works, and ideas.

ArtBots is very happy to announce a regional NYC show as part of the science+art festival 2006 this fall. The show will feature works old and new by eight New York artists who have appeared in previous ArtBots shows.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The 1st Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media 9.11-15.12.

The 1st Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media (RIFNM 06) highlights an international selection of work by graduate and Phd students working with new digital technologies for the creation of art. Artists working in and across disciplines were invited to submit works to be considered for five interrelated events/venues: exhibit , netart , perform , project (full-dome) and present . The resulting festival schedule of events presents a unique opportunity to directly experience innovative work being created by a diversity of emerging artists exploring digital systems for visual and experiential production.

RIFNM 06 will feature a wide range visual and performative media incorporating digital systems, including but not limited to: interactive art, robotics, movement/dance, net art, full-dome video/animation, generative systems, video installation, electronic music an performance art.

Participating Artists/Affiliations:

Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
Gudmundur S. Gunnarsson, Mills College
Sabrina Berryman, University of Utah
Margaret Noble and Edyta Stepien, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Jolanta A Lapiak, NSCAD, Nova Scotia, Canada
Martin Machado, San Francisco Art Institute
Suzanne Yo Martinsen, University of Central Florida
Pete Froslie, Massachusetts College of Art
Alejandro Duque, European Graduate School, Switzerland
Jamie Timms, University of California, Santa Barbara
Mike Godwin, University of California, Santa Barabara
Conor McGarrigle, National College of Art & Design Dublin, Ireland
Stephanie Jeanjean, Graduate Center of CUNY (City University of New York)
Melissa Grey and Robert Kirkbride, The New School, New York City
Pamela Kray, The New School, New York City
So Jung Kwon, Otis School of Art and Design, Los Angeles
Si Jae Byun, School of Visual Arts, New York City
Walter Nelson, Griffith University, Australia
Stephen Cady, University of Illinois, Chicago, School of Art and Design
Jeanne Jo, Rhode Island School of Art and Design
Jake Lee High, Massachusetts College of Art

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Colour by numbers

Colour by numbers is a 72 meters high light installation at Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden. The installation will be inaugurated on October 23 and will shine during evenings and nights until January 7. Under live video you can see a live video image of the tower and also read instructions for how to control the light installation over the phone.

Until November 5 the video image is also projected on the façade of the Culture House in Stockholm, as part of the exhibition "Stockholm
bygger ".

Colour by numbers is a collaboration between the artist Erik Krikortz, the architect Milo Lavén and the interaction designer Loove Broms.